Matt Dickens

I believe life is an opportunity to push the limits and become something great; I love helping people achieve this.  I try to give my best on a daily basis, to enable others to be better at being their best.  I take an holistic approach in everything I do and hope we can all learn through the thoughts and experiences I share on this site.

Using fundamental training principals combined with a bit of fun and positive energy, I coach high performing individuals in their continual pursuit of improvement.  For me, performance coaching isn’t about writing the best programme or lifting the heaviest weights; it’s about getting the best out of people on a daily basis, whilst consistently making gains and having a positive impact over time.

I primarily now work with Moto GP racer Bradley Smith who rides for KTM Red Bull Factory Racing.  Around this I also offer performance coaching, consultancy and workshops to individuals, teams and organisations.  I am confident in my ability to improve athletic performance, rehabilitate a wide variety of injuries and most importantly create strong trusting relationships with my athletes, clients and colleagues.  I believe these are the qualities that really matter as an athletic performance coach.


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  1. Billy "Two Hats" Cotter

    To be sure Oim a little fat Oirish bastard who could do with losin a pound or two!

    Me problem is not so much that Oim overweight – but that Oim underheight. Oi need something that will allow me to stick to my lager diet but also let me grow to 7 foot tree so that Oim de right weight fer me height.

    Now get back to me when you can and Oill see yer when yer older.