New Era, New Plans!!

Matt Dickens Raiders warm upSo I’ve finished my MSc, I’ve settled into my roles with both British Diving and Worthing Raiders, I’ve finally updated my website and now its time to crack on with a beneficial and informative blog!

In the past I’ve shied away from most social media and the public eye, however choosing to follow Eleanor Roosevelt’s advice “do one thing every day that scares you” I want to push myself to work outside my comfort zone.  I’m thinking this will only aid my personal development and hopefully somewhere in the midst of it all I’ll write something worth reading.

The plan:

  • Starting today I aim to write 3 articles a week.
  • Articles will be concise and informative.
  • I will give insight into my schedule, personal philosophies and operations as an S&C coach.
  • I will review research, exercises, training programmes and anything I’ve found interesting at the time.
  • There will be a weekly discussion topic which I hope grows interest over time.
  • And I like baking protein cakes so there’ll be some of that too.
  • I’m hoping to turn my weekly discussions with my interns into a podcast, but as for now I am most likely to start writing it up here.
  • Any requests/feedback is always welcome.

do one thing that scares you


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