Life as I see it

For my first proper post I thought it would be fitting to give a little insight into how I view life and why I am hungry for personal growth, whilst having a good time of course! Simply put, I believe time is by far our most valuable commodity. Life should be enjoyed, so figure out what you love and do it!

This is one of my favourite videos that sums it up perfectly:

I also believe life is an opportunity.  You could sit down and let life pass you by or you can spend each day in a constant pursuit of being better. Mentally, physically and emotionally, there is always something to learn and gain that will help you grow.  Why would you not want to fulfil your potential?

Read books, blogs, journals, research, wikipedia….
Listen to those that know more, and less, to podcasts, friends, family, teachers, colleagues….
Watch lectures, TED talks, documentaries, athletes competing, athletes training, people moving, coaches coaching….
Attend workshops, seminars, conferences, every opportunity you have to learn something….
Reflect on your day, week,  conflicts, accomplishments, social interactions, experiences good and bad….
Ask yourself:

What do you love?

What do you have to offer?

And how great can you be?

This is my screen saver.

Thanks for reading.


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