Live to the max and enjoy the ride!

So it seems that writing a blog regularly alongside 3 jobs and an increasing amount of online programming is harder than I thought.  On the plus side I’m training hard and loving it.  Whilst experimenting with occlusion training I’ve gained 4kg of lean mass with just one more to go til I reach 90kg for the first time in my life.

Anyway whilst deciding that I’d be bulking at the new MEAT Liquor in Brighton again last week (which is awesome by the way), I came across a quote by Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson and wanted to repost it.  By the way the Buffalo Wings, Gunpowder Shrimp, Dead Hippie Burger and Buffalo Chicken Burger are all worth a try!

Hunter S. Thompson

Whilst Hunter may have been referring to drink, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, I think it fits very well with my own philosophies on life: do what you love and be awesome.

Finally on the subject of loving life, it was Bonfire night last week which is by far my favourite night of the year.  Lewes Bonfire celebrations are the best in the world and in my opinion should be on everyone’s bucket list!  This year I marched for Southover the first time and it was incredible.  Lots of fire, bangers, fireworks, great friends and a few drinks summed up an awesome night!  Now don’t waste time, make the most of every opportunity, break the boundaries, surpass your potential and enjoy the ride!


Thanks for reading.


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