A redirection on getting a job in high performance sport

I’m happy to admit that I don’t know everything and there are plenty of coaches in the world who know more than me.  This week I am redirecting you to two very good articles from guys who have worked their way to the top of the industry.  Combined, they’ve interviewed and hired a huge number of coaches so you can safely assume they know what they’re talking about.  If you’re keeping an eye out on sites such as UK Sport at the moment, you should start to notice some good opportunities come up around this time of year.  Most sport clubs/organisations will already be starting to plan for next season.

marco cardinale

The first is a great article by Marco Cardinale on writing your job application. Marco was the Head of Sports Science and Research for Team GB across 3 Olympic cycles and is now Head of Physiology at Aspire in Qatar.  The article is basically a list of Do’s and Don’ts that I completely agree with.  Job applications should always be taken seriously and in the field of S&C you know you are up against it before you even start.  There are very few jobs out there and already an ever-increasing number of well-qualified coaches who are looking to fill them.  So when you’re going through your application, I highly recommend you use this article as your “go-to” tick box list to make sure you cover all your bases.  It may be obvious to say read the job description and check your spelling, but you’ll be surprised at the number of people who make countless errors like this.  So check your application again and have a fellow coach or two proof read it before sending it off.



gary anderson

The second article is posted on Adam Meakin’s (The Sport Physio) blog by Gary Anderson.  Gary is the Performance Director for GB Bobsleigh and was the Team Leader at Sochi 2014.  In this article he shares some really good down to earth advice for anyone looking for a job in high performance sport, not just physiotherapists; as well as some really insightful information into his High Performance Philosophies that you’ll find align very closely to top organisations such as the EIS to whom I’m sure many of you will (if you haven’t already) be sending your applications to:



I hope Marco and Gary don’t mind me mentioning their articles in this post.  Whilst I try to publish as much of my own original content as possible, there’s a lot more valuable information out there so I will also try to share as much of that with you as I can.  In fact as we gather momentum, in the weeks to come I aim to set reading/research material for discussion that will get you thinking about the practicalities of coaching.  As this is just a short post and I’ve almost finished my next article,  I’ll try to publish it during the week so watch out!

As always, thanks for reading and check in again soon.


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