Circuband: Simple, Versatile & Effective

I need to share something that I honestly believe is a fantastic and highly useful product!  I believe that everyone from elite athletes to anyone just looking to include some healthy exercise in their life could benefit from this.

Basically it is a high quality resistance band with attachable handles.  The possibilities for exercises are endless.  You can take it anywhere with you due to it’s compact size and light weight.  Thus it’s perfect for elite athletes and everyday warriors alike to use either in the gym or on the road.


Personally I use it regularly with my athletes in the gym, it makes up an essential part of our warm up on the slopes and I use it in several of my own training sessions. My favourite exercises include:
– Pallof Press variations (Anti-Rotation)
– Squats & Good Mornings (on slope Potentiation)
– Hip Distractions (Mobility)
– Presses & Pulls (Maintain Upper Body Work)
– Like I said the possibilities are almost endless and I’m sure you’ll find what works best for you.









I don’t often plug products and I won’t receive any commission for doing so. I am lucky enough to know the owners of this company but that takes nothing away from how great a piece of equipment I think the Circuband is. Often the simplest ideas are the best and they’ve nailed it with this one.

Check out the website:
Or get in touch with Asassin Fitness – Nick Thomson Training Systems for more info.


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