Episode 2: Richard Husseiny

Rich HusseinyIn this second episode comes the first of many interviews!  Kicking off the official launch of the World-Class Coaching Podcast is Richard Husseiny.

Rich has most recently been working for EXOS based in China with their Olympic teams for over 2 years.  prior to that he was working for the EIS with British Diving on the build up to London 2012.

I’m sure you’ll find what he has to say very insightful, especially regarding influencing foreign cultures and working with ACL rehabilitation.

Hope you enjoy it and here are all the links from the show:

Applied Strength & Conditioning Blog by Richard Husseiny

Excel Tricks for Sports by John Lythe

Complementary Training Blog by Mladen Jovanovic

Andy Franklin Miller’s Podcast

Clarity by Jamie Smart

Rise of Superman by Steven Kotler




1) Parolin, M., et al. (1998). Regulation of skeletal muscle glycogen phosphorylase and pdh during maximal intermittent exercise. American Psychological Society, 227(5), 890-900.

2) Haseler, L., et al. (1999). Skeletal muscle phosphocreatine recovery in exercise-trained humans is dependent on o2 availability. American Psychological Society, 86(6), 2013-2018.


Jonas Dodoo’s: Acceleration, speed and agility for team sports – 7th Novemeber 2015, Lee Valley Athletics Centre.

Research to Practice – 14-16 April 2016, Melbourne.

World Athletics Centre coaching development courses with Dan Pfaf and Stuart McMillan:

Assess Treat Manage Perform II – Embrace The Chaos – Performance Training For Action Sports – 15th October 2015Darren Roberts, John Noonan & Andy McKenzie

Youth Athletics Coaching Congress at the Aspire Academy in Qatar, 18th-20th October – Jonas Dodoo, Michael Johnston, Loren Seagrave & Alex Natara among others!

Monitoring Training Loads also at the Aspire Academy in Qatar, 23rd-25th February 2016, Marco Cardinale, Darren Burgess, Martin Bucheit, Bill Sands and plenty others!: http://www.aspire.qa/trainingload2016/about.html

Velocity Based Training: Dan Baker & Brendan Chaplin using the PUSH band.


Greater Western Sydney Giants

Sussex Cricket

Derby County FC funded MRes

Imperial College London, Sheffield United Academy & UEL

2 PhD opportunities with Chiefs Rugby based in Waikato New Zealand


UEL Assistant S&C

EIS Netball

Sport Scotland

England RFU – U18s S&C Coach

Head of Football Science & Medidcine – Hibernian Football Club

Specialist Conditioning Coach for the Hong Kong Football Association

EXOS: tactical S&C coach – must be a US citizen

S&C coach with the New York Red Bulls



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