Welcome to The World-Class Coaching Podcast!

So I’ve got a big new project on the go and I’m pretty darn excited about it!

To complement the blog, I am now presenting “The World-Class Coaching Podcast”!

The World-Class Coaching Podcast is aimed at aspiring Strength and Conditioning Coaches with a focus on continual development and practical application of S&C in the real world of elite sport.  Hearing from some of the World’s leading coaches, we strive to provide valuable content that will aid your development as an S&C coach.

It’s now live on both iTunes:


And Stitcher:


Episode 1 is simply an introduction to myself, the purpose of the podcast and an example of it’s structure.  In the future we’ll be hearing from some of the World’s leading coaches to prevent their views on athletic development.

These are the links that I mention in the show:


Personal Training for S&C Coaches

The Hardest Part of the Job (Part 1)

Books & Apps:

GOALS! by Brian Tracey



Youth Athletics Coaching Congress at the Aspire Academy in Qatar, 18th-20th October – Jonas Dodoo, Michael Johnston, Loren Seagrave & Alex Natara among others!

Monitoring Training Loads also at the Aspire Academy in Qatar, 23rd-25th February 2016, Marco Cardinale, Darren Burgess, Martin Bucheit, Bill Sands and plenty others!:

Velocity Based Training: Dan Baker & Brendan Chaplin using the PUSH band.


Sussex Cricket

Imperial College London, Sheffield United Academy & UEL


UEL Assistant S&C

EIS Netball

Sport ScotlandWCC podcast

In the next few weeks I’ll be interviewing some of the following guests, so if you’d like to ask them any questions, please let me know now and I’ll make sure they get answered come the interview:

  • Richard Husseiny (formerly of Exos and the EIS)
  • Pete McKnight (Head of Sports Science and Coaching for Hintsa Performance)
  • Alex Wolfe (head of S&C for the EIS)
  • Chris Bishop (Senior Lecturer at Middlesex and author of countless published articles)
  • Lee Eldridge (long time S&C coach at London Welsh)
  • John Noonan (British Ski & Snowboarding)

Finally, as I’m keen to make this podcast as beneficial as possible, I honestly welcome and feedback that could aid it’s development!  I’m still very much finding my feet and getting comfortable behind a mic, however like I said this first episode is designed only as an “introduction” and the main content will usually consist of an interview with another coach.

Thanks for listening and tune in soon for the first real episode with Richard Husseiny!!



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2 responses to “Welcome to The World-Class Coaching Podcast!

  1. Looking forward to the podcast!

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