Episode 4: Rich Blagrove

Rich BlagroveRich Blagrove, Leader of the Undergraduate programme in Strength & Conditioning Science at St Mary’s University, discusses strength training for endurance running as well as considerations for concurrent training methods in all sports and some of his latest research. I also review David Epstein’s brilliant book The Sports Gene and give a heads up to various CPD, intern and job opportunities that are out there at the moment.

Rich’s Book:  Strength and Conditioning for Endurance Running

Another mention for Dr Andy Franklin-Miller!

Marco Cardinale & Rob Newton’s Strength & Conditioning: Biological Principles and Practical Applications

David Epstein’s The Sports Gene

Simon Nainby’s blog at Underground Athletics


“That Sugar Film”

The GSK Human Performance Lab had a recent symposium on Fatigue and Performance.

Alex Hutchinson’s talk from the Endurance Research Conference on Brain Training, Neuroscience and Endurance Performance.

Dan baker will be presenting the first of Rob Pacey’s new webinar series on Saturday 10th October.

On the 10th October is the Northern Undergraduate Sports and Exercise Medicine Conference at Newcastle University.

Dr Andy Franklin-Miller is hosting a FREE Sports Maedicine Conference at Trinity College Dublin on Friday 30th October. Speakers include the likes of Greg Myer and Peter Weyand so well worth the cost of flights from wherever you are!  Booking via conference@sportsurgeryclinic.com.

Altis just announced that Nick Winkleman will be joining Dan Pfaff and others on their November Apprentice Coach Programme.

Joel Brannigan and Jared Deacon’s Fundamentals of S&C workshop in Edingburgh on the 14th-15th November.

Scientific Conference for Motor Skill Acquisition in Kisakallio in Finland on the 18-20th November.

The Hill Performance Coaching Summit in Ontario, Canada on the 22nd November where Brett Bartholomew and Nick Winkleman will be joining Dan Noble and others.


Millfield School in Bristol are looking for an Athletic Development Intern. They’re offering a decent package including a salary, accommodation and CPD.

Denstone College are also recruiting an S&C intern. Don’t know much about that one but contact Dan Pyke on dpyke@denstonecollege.net for more details.


Several post graduate positions currently available with the Australian Sports Institute.

Bradford Bulls are looking for an Assistant S&C coach to lead the Academy development and assist with the senior team.

The EIS are recruiting a Senior S&C coach to work with the Army Elite Sport Programme. That sounds interesting and I believe it’s primarily boxing and shooting to begin with.

Finally there’s a rather big role with UK Athletics who are looking for a new Head of Sports Science.

Previously mentioned CPD:

Sports Specific Training Seminar with Cal Dietz and Martin Bingiser on October 10th at the National Sports Centre in Blaine, Minnesota.

SRINZ S&C and Youth Athlete Development Conference featuring the likes of Dr Jon Oliver, Nic Gill and Dr Sarah-Kate Miller among others. That’s from 18-20thNovember at AUT University.

Strength and Power Performance Course led by Matt Jordan at the Canadian Sports Institute in Calgary on the 16th to 20th November.

Jonas Dodoo’s: Acceleration, speed and agility for team sports – 7th Novemeber 2015, Lee Valley Athletics Centre.

Research to Practice – 14-16 April 2016, Melbourne.

Youth Athletics Coaching Congress at the Aspire Academy in Qatar, 18th-20th October – Jonas Dodoo, Michael Johnston, Loren Seagrave & Alex Natara among others!

Monitoring Training Loads also at the Aspire Academy in Qatar, 23rd-25th February 2016, Marco Cardinale, Darren Burgess, Martin Bucheit, Bill Sands and plenty others!


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