Episode 6: Pete McKnight

Pete McKnightPete McKnight is now Director of sport science and coaching for HINTSA Performance, as well as chairman of the UKSCA. Pete discusses how he’s enjoying his new role, what this involves on a daily basis and we get to have a good discussion about S&C in Alpine Skiing, cultural challenges, logistical challenges, his approach to strength training through the winter as well as ACL risk in skiing and what that means for the S&C coach. Later on I discuss a really interesting TED Talk from Amy Cuddy and as always round up CPD & job opportunities.

Amy Cuddy – Your body language shapes who you are


4th & 5th December, Tom Farrow presents a 2 day seminar with Carlo Buzzichelli: The Sport Strength Coach

The International Strength & Conditioning Institute offer some great week long internships, of which there’ll be one in Rio next year

24th January 2016 at the School of Sport at Leeds Beckett University is the Carnegie Adolescent Rugby Research Conference

International Conference on Strength Training, December 2016.  And Nick Granthem’s review of the 2015 conference


3 month internship with German National Rugby Team

Wentworthville Magpies RLC Volunteer S&C Coach

Loads of Jobs:

Head of S&C for Denstone College, £12,500 – suggests its an entry level position

Academy Sport Scientist position with Oxford United Football Club

Pro Football Support looking for an S&C coach based in Yorkshire

Part time S&C coach with Barnsley FC Academy

Marleborough College looking for a Lead S&C coach

EIS are looking for regional S&C contractors

Sport scientist with Oriam sports performance centre

The AIS are looking for a Biomechanist to work in Swimming

South East Melbourne S&C coach

Ultimate Frisbee Head Coach – Vancouver Riptide:

And all previous links can be found in the show notes for the last episode with Alex Wolf 



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