Episode 7: Michael Main

Michael MainMichael Main leads the S&C programme for Sri Lanka Cricket. In this episode Michael delves into his philosophies on S&C in Cricket and how working with the Sri Lankan national team has been a completely different challenge to when he lead the S&C programme for Hampshire cricket. He also discusses how he applies some of Frans Bosch’s methods into his programme. Then I’ve reviewed the work of Carol Dweck in her book “Mindset” and in a slightly different trend to normal, give my go-to sources for all job and internship opportunities.

Carol Dweck – Mindset

Alex Natara is looking for an experienced S&C coach (>5 years & post graduate qualification) to work with athletics at the Aspire Academy in Qatar. Contact him on alex.natera@aspire.qa

Huddersfield Giants Internship with the opportunity to learn from a great coach, John Noonan.


Middlesex Student S&C Conference on the 5th March.

Job Sites:


UK Sport

Global Sports Jobs





Forgot to mention the EIS!!

And of course keep your eyes peeled on Twitter!!

Thanks as always for listening and hope you enjoyed another episode! All feedback is welcomed on how I can improve the show; including coaches you want to hear from, questions you want asked/answered, what you like and what you don’t like?! Help me out to make it as good as I can!



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