Podcast Feedback

WCC podcastThis is an open letter to everyone who’s been listening to The World-Class Coaching Podcast.
So far I’ve had some great feedback, some helpful constructive criticism and one fairly amusing troll on YouTube (I know who you are!).

If you haven’t listened to my ramblings in the first episode (and I don’t blame you!) then please allow me to reiterate that “The World-Class Coaching Podcast” is aimed at anyone who aspires to be a World-Class coach; primarily hearing from some awesome coaches on their particular areas of expertise and coaching philosophies; as well as a little insight into what I’m learning and how I apply it (probably not world-class but hopefully useful) and an update on up coming CPD, internship and job opportunities in our profession.
I have no problem admitting that I am new to this; I’m certainly no expert and I am by no means proclaiming to be a “World Class Coach”!  I merely believe we should set our sights high in life.  I strive to be the best I can be, am forever learning and would like to surround myself with like-minded people.
The main feedback so far:
  • From what people have told me, they like the layout. If you don’t, please tell me how it can be improved.
  • Regarding the interviews, I am getting better at clear and concise questioning (and still working on it).
  • Originally I planned to make the podcast more discussion based but now I think the listeners will benefit more from a formal interview type conversation with a specific line of questions.
  • Several young S&C coaches have told me they like having a podcast specifically aimed at them which is good to hear.
  • Great guests so far with more to come. If there’s anyone you specifically want to hear from, let me know and I’ll do my best!
  • Knowing that I’m mega keen on all areas training and nutrition, several friends of mine were hoping to hear something on nutrition in the podcast. This isn’t really the purpose I was aiming for but could be considered?
Questions from me:
  • What do you think of the “relevant reading” section? Is it useful? Should there be a more specific focus? Can it be improved?
  • Same goes for the job & CPD section.  Does anyone actually listen to it or skip straight to the links on the website? Or do you prefer to look for S&C jobs & CPD yourself?  Its not always easy to stay up to date with CPD so please forward me the links when you hear of decent learning opportunities!
  • This is just an idea: thinking of including an “intern” section.  A short Segment hearing from a young coach who’s currently doing an internship. Main 3 questions would be “where are you working?”, “what’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt so far?” And “can you tell us of a recent mistake you’ve made and what you learnt from it?”.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and if anyone’s keen to get involved/be featured?!
  • Does anyone outside of my close friends want to hear a section on nutrition? Any ideas on what this should entail?! Articles/recipes/interviews/…..you can check my Instagram if you really want to see how I cook my eggs!!
  • Any further advice on how I can make this better would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks as always

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