Start Smiling!

Lots of people talk about “just wanting to be happy”.  I’m not going into anything deep here, I just want to mention the easiest first step towards daily happiness and something you can do anywhere, anytime.  SMILE!  Actively smiling can positively effect your mood and make you happy!

elf smiling's my favourite

Our bodies are crazy things and work in mysterious ways.  We often think and allow our body language to reflect the way we feel.  Like when you’re happy you smile, when you’re sad you cry, angry you frown, bored you hunch over etc…

BUT DID YOU KNOW….it can work the other way too!!!!  You can shape the way you feel through your body language!  Just by expressing certain emotions or postures.  Amy Cuddy and her team have done some great research on how actively taking dominant vs submissive postures releases different hormone responses within your body and directly effects your confidence and mood.

The same definitely goes for smiling.  I’m sure I can find some specific research on it and I’ll be glad to look further if you want.  Smile when you’re happy and SIMLE TO BE HAPPY.  Actively smiling can make you happy inside and is a perfect way to start your day, I highly recommend you add it to your morning routine.  Just try it as soon as you wake up, whilst you’re having a shower or even whilst you’re making breakfast.  It may not be a long term fix, but can certainly give you a quick boost of positive energy and the more you smile, the more they’ll contribute to overall happiness.

have nice day



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  1. Forcing myself to smile is not an easy part but I’ve tried this a couple of times and it works! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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