Are you happy?

If you’re a happy human, great! Keep smiling and share your happiness with the world.

If you’re not, it’s ok.  In my experience there are a lot of unhappy people out there.  A lot of people fighting their battles in silence, trying to deal with shitty circumstances, emotional trauma and what life’s thrown at them.  A lot of people who don’t feel fulfilled in life and a lot of people who are just drifting along, existing without really living.

I’m not trying to be a life coach.  I’m a performance coach who absolutely believes in making the most of life.  My skills lie in getting the best out of people.  I help people get fitter & stronger, move better, rehabilitate from injury and perform to the best of their abilities.  I believe in doing what you love, focussing on what’s important and being proactive in maximising life’s opportunities.  If you’re feeling lost, unfulfilled or generally unhappy, feel free to contact me for a chat.  I’m not trying to build a business out of this, just use my skills and experience to do something good with my time. Mostly I want my friends and family to know I’m always there if they need me.

There are tons of books out there on “self help”, goals, purpose and having a meaningful life. I’ve read a fair few and whilst there are common themes, contradicting themes too and definitely valid points in all of them, I can’t say that any one particular book or method is the universal answer.  We are individuals with our own lives to lead.

If you go chasing goals or possessions, you’ll always be chasing the next big thing to make you happy. If you go looking for purpose, what happens if it doesn’t work out?  What happens if the next pursuit isn’t as fulfilling as you’d hoped?

Appreciating what you have and who you are is usually a great place to start.

Often it helps to talk; get it out and make it clearer in your own head. Sometimes it can be hard to find someone to talk to. Everyone has their own stress to deal with, though I’m sure more people are there than you think.

If you need a steer in a new direction, I’ll be honest. I take a “non sugar coated” approach to life. No bullshit. No beating around the uncomfortable bits. Blunt and to the point. I’m human, I understand that both healing and change takes time. I’ll be the first to tell you that this won’t be easy.  It’ll take conscious effort.

There are always positive things to focus on. There are often hard truths that need telling. We can always grow and learn from each experience, even if that’s hard to see at the time. If you need a little help with this, I can make time to listen, feel free to drop me a message or email. My door is always open.

All the best,


p.s. Unfortunately today the lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington took his own life after battling depression for a long time. Hybrid Theory will always be the ultimate album to train to. RIP.


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