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5 Essential Books that aren’t on your University reading list:

If you’re going to be successful in life then you need to be committed to CPD, continued PERSONAL development.  Yes I intended to say personal instead of professional.  I believe you make your own luck in this world; if you’re committed to being the best person you can be, you will reap the rewards.  I have previously talked about the importance of gaining experience in developing as a coach coupled with the knowledge to support your practice here.  However they are not the only skills you need to be successful.  You must set goals, be efficient with your time, be great at making friends and understand how people work as human beings as well as the impacts your actions have on others.  This article contains a list of 5 books that I believe are essential reading material not only for S&C coaches, but for anyone who wants to be successful.  I know there are many more significant books out there and indeed in my own library, these are just the ones, which I feel hold the most value.


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