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The simple thing about Crossfit

For most S&C coaches, Crossfit is a taboo subject. It’s about time we got over that. When it exploded in popularity 6 or 7 years ago, most of us were horrified by the number of “Crossfit fail” compilations that appeared all over the internet. Now it’s had time to establish itself as a dominant force within the fitness industry, it would be nice to think that a few things have changed. As I’m currently touring Crossfit gyms round the world (#crossfitworldtour if you didn’t know already), I hope I can provide a little unbiased perspective.

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Adaptability part 2: The Athlete (and a few coaching principles to live by)

In the last post (part 1), I tried to highlight the importance of being adaptable as an S&C coach by illustrating some examples and exercises based on my experiences.  Mostly this was focussed around adapting to technical coaches.  In this post I’m going to focus on the athlete and try to illustrate that whilst theoretical case studies are great at university, in the real world nothing ever goes perfectly to plan and physical development is a messy non linear process.

nothing goes to plan

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Circuband: Simple, Versatile & Effective

I need to share something that I honestly believe is a fantastic and highly useful product!  I believe that everyone from elite athletes to anyone just looking to include some healthy exercise in their life could benefit from this.

Basically it is a high quality resistance band with attachable handles.  The possibilities for exercises are endless.  You can take it anywhere with you due to it’s compact size and light weight.  Thus it’s perfect for elite athletes and everyday warriors alike to use either in the gym or on the road.


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Coaching Cues – A deeper look at communication skills.

This post has taken me long enough to write so I hope you find it interesting. The inspiration came from some feedback I recently received from some experienced coaches whom I really respect and work for a certain organisation in the UK.  I’m happy to say that my coaching was very well received.  One of the subjects that arose from it was how I used different cues with different athletes and the way this changed throughout the session as I “sussed out” what each athlete responded best to.

coach cue blog

Coaching is an art, but as Daniel Coyle refers to talent “Greatness isn’t born. It’s Grown”.  Communication in all forms is an area that I’ve focused on a great deal within my own learning and I believe some things now come quite naturally to me through the number of hours I’ve clocked up coaching various populations.  As you get to know you’re athletes better, you should be able to figure out what works with each one and the more time you spend coaching different athletes will improve the speed at which you can do this.  Thus this ties in closely with a couple of previous posts I’ve written on the importance of experience and even the benefits of personal training for aspiring S&C coaches.  Those 10,000 hours apply to coaching as well as sports mastery you know.  That being said, it helps to have an informed thought process in all areas of coaching, so I hope this article will at least get you thinking about the way you cue various exercises.  I aim to especially highlight the importance of knowing your athletes and understanding how we process information.

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