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Adaptability part 1: The Coach

One of the greatest things I think I’ve learnt from working in Alpine skiing is the importance of adaptability.  Or even what it really means to be adaptable.  I can’t say that this has been the easiest of lessons for someone who likes structure, processes and effective organisation; for most of my experiences have been gained from sports with regular schedules that rarely change and work towards fixed events that aren’t likely to change (Rugby and Diving).  So what does it really mean to be adaptable and why is it so important?  Well hopefully I can illustrate that through a few short stories of my own experiences.  For the sake of making this easier to read (and write!), I’m going to break this down and publish it in two parts.

Part 1: Adapting to the coach

adjust sails

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GoalMotivation is often hard to come by. It’s all good watching a compilation of Rocky and Ali on YouTube saying something inspirational to get you pumped for the gym, but how long does that motivation last? Do you have to watch one of those videos every time you train?

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